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Features comparison

Tacview Professional Edition

Tacview Professional is intented for the most exacting pilots and squadron leaders! With it, you will get all the tools of the Free edition and Home edition, plus the most advanced tools available on the market! From real-time flight recording to detailed telemetry charts, you'll get all the tools you ever dreamed of to become an ace and to train your squadron.

Exclusives Features

Strategic View

Strategic View

With Tacview Professional, you can embrace the whole battlefield at once. From a small region to the whole earth, no theater will be too big or cluttered for you sight! Understand at a glance everything which is happening while keeping an eye on every little detail which matters.


One-Click Charts

Displaying numbers is important, Visualizing them in charts is better! With the Professional edition of Tacview you can draw – in one click – clear charts of any data to analyze aircrafts as well as pilots performances. You can overlay data from differents objects in the same chart and let the scale adjust automaticaly. All you have to do is to select the data you want to display for selected objects and there you go! And if you need to do advanced calculations on the selected data, then you can export them in a tidy .csv file ready to be imported in your favorite spreadsheet!

Online Debriefing

Online Debriefing Host

Are you flying with friends or leading a whole squadron? With Tacview Professional you can host an online debriefing to share your knowledge and expertise with everyone! Any pilot with a Home edition of Tacview will be able to join your online classes. And even more: any pilot with a Professional edition of Tacview will be able to take control to interact and share its own experience with the audience!

Real-time Telemetry

Real-Time Telemetry

As a squadron lead or an instructor, you need the best tools to follow and assess your trainees' progression. Thanks to the real-time telemetry feature, you can review and analyze a flight in progress. It is like being in the instructor seat, but with the possibility of observing the action from outside of the plane. Now you can efficiently train multiple trainees at once during join maneuvers! (This feature is currently in development and will be available in Tacview 1.6 at no additional cost)

Remote Control

Instructor Remote Control

From the time of day to the aircraft systems, control in real-time up to four client simulators! As a player, you can now directly assist a fellow squadron member by reducing his workload during his training phase. As an instructor, you can change in real-time specific flight conditions, trigger failures to test and improve trainees’ skills. (This feature is currently in development and will be available in Tacview 1.6.1 at no additional cost)