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User Guide – DCS World


DCS World box

Using Tacview with DCS World is straightforward. In 99% of the cases you don't have to do anything special. When Tacview is installed, all the necessary scripts and settings are automatically installed so you are ready to record your first flight right away!

They are – however – a very few cases where the Tacview script cannot do its job properly. Please, read carefully the following guide to know how to get the most of DCS World and Tacview and to know how to prevent or fix potential issues.

If you can't record any flight in multiplayer, make sure first that you can record single player flights! It is possible that your problem is coming from the multiplayer host. But it may be coming as well from your local setup!

Single Player

Q11: I can't record any flight, even single player missions are not recorded! What is happening?

By default, Tacview records all DCS World flight in the \My Documents\Tacview\ folder. Search for any *.txt.acmi files on your hard drive to make sure that your flights are not recorded in an unexpected folder. This can happen when the export folder is not properly configured. If your flights are recorded in the wrong folder, please check below to learn how to change the recording folder.

If you can't find any file, then the export script is either not installed, wrongly installed, or there is another script from another add-on which prevent Tacview script proper execution.

Q12: How can I know if Tacview export script is properly installed?

Launch Tacview, you should see a little DCS World icon visible in the bottom right corner of the status bar. If this is the case then Tacview script is properly installed and your problem is probably coming from a faulty script (from another add-on). If you don't see the icon, try to ask Tacview to reinstall the script.

DCS World script installed icon
Q13: How can I ask Tacview to (re)install the export script automatically?

If you have uninstalled older versions of Tacview after having installed a new version, the export script may have been uninstalled at the same time. In that case, launch the latest version of Tacview and use the appropriate option to automatically reinstall the latest export script:

Tacview automatic script installation option

You should then see the little DCS World icon in the bottom right corner of the status bar confirming that the script is properly installed. If you don't see the icon, try to manually install the script.

Q14: How can I manually install Tacview script?

If the automatic script installation has failed, you can try to install the latest script yourself.

First, you have to create a script named Export.lua in the %USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts\ folder. Make sure it contains the following line (at the end of the file):

local Tacviewlfs=require('lfs');dofile(Tacviewlfs.writedir()..'Scripts/TacviewExportDCS.lua')

Then, download the latest official export script and save it next to Export.lua. Finally, open the configuration file corresponding to your version of DCS World and make sure it contains the following setting:

%USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\DCS\Config\serverSettings.lua for DCS World 1.5+

cfg = 
    ["advanced"] = 
        ["allow_object_export"] = true,
    }, -- end of ["advanced"]
} -- end of cfg

%USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\DCS\Config\network.cfg for DCS World 1.2

	allow_object_export = true,
Q15: How does Tacview handle dcs_variant.txt files in the DCS World folders?

Tacview currently ignores any dcs_variant.txt file and installs the export scripts only in the default folders %USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\DCS\ and %USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\DCS.openbeta\. You will have to manually install them in additional folders if you have a customized installation of DCS World on your system.

Q16: This is still not working! How can I find if a faulty script from another add-on is preventing flight recording?

Installing and uninstalling add-ons usually messes-up DCS World configuration. It is usual to find an old script, not fully uninstalled, still active, which is triggering an error and preventing the execution of Tacview script. In that case you can find and remove the faulty script or Lua code easily:

After a flight, open DCS World log file %USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\DCS\Logs\dcs.log. Then look for any error message related to a .lua file. Don't focus exclusively on export.lua, the faulty script can be in any other Lua file. When you find the faulty script, you will have to either fix it or completely remove the reference to it manually. Explaining how to edit a Lua script is beyond the scope of this guide, feel free to ask on the forums on how to do this. As soon as you'll get a clean log without any Lua error, DCS World should be able to record your flights as expected.

00044.711 ALERT   EDCORE: Can't execute Lua file C:\Users\Vyrtuoz\Saved Games\DCS\Scripts\Export.lua - can't open './AriesWings/AriesRadio.luac'


Q21: I can record single player flights, but when I'm flying in multiplayer, I can only see my aircraft. What is happening?

To prevent cheating, some hosts are disabling data export. You can either record your flight afterward by playing back the track file automatically generated by DCS World for each multiplayer flight in the \Saved Games\DCS\Tracks\ folder. Or you can ask the host to enable data export (see below).

Since it may have taken some time for your computer to join a multiplayer session, be patient while playing back the .trk file of a network flight: You will eventually see the objects appearing on the map after some time (that can take a minute).

Q22: How to enable flight recording in multiplayer?

The host of a multiplayer mission can authorize flight recording by editing the configuration file corresponding to its version of DCS World and making sure it contains the following setting:

%USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\DCS\Config\serverSettings.lua for DCS World 1.5+

cfg = 
    ["advanced"] = 
        ["allow_object_export"] = true,
    }, -- end of ["advanced"]
} -- end of cfg

%USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\DCS\Config\network.cfg for DCS World 1.2

	allow_object_export = true,
Q23: When should the host enable or disable flight recording?

Flight recording should typically only be prohibited on public red vs blue PvP missions. Since there is no cheating involved during all other type of missions (cooperative or training with two sides) it should be enabled in all other cases.

Q24: As a host, can I prevent flight recording so other players can't steal my mission file?

Not at all! Mission files have nothing to do with data export! Your mission file will be shared with all other players regardless of the allow_object_export setting. For example, anyone can extract your mission file from the .trk file automatically recorded by DCS World!

General Questions

Q31: Where can I find the recorded flights?

By default, Tacview records all DCS World flights in \My Documents\Tacview\ folder. If you can't find any flight recording in this folder, then search for any *.txt.acmi files on your hard drive. If you find your flight recordings in an unexpected folder or you can't find them at all, then your script is either not properly working or not properly configured.

Q32: How can I choose where my flights are recorded?

Flights can be recorded in the folder of your choice by using to corresponding option in Tacview. Do not forget to re-launch DCS World (or Steam depending on your version) afterward so this new setting is properly transmitted to the export script.

Tacview recording folder option
Q33: Some flight recordings are huge! How can I save some disk space?

Some flight recordings can be huge because they are written in uncompressed text format. You can load them and save them from Tacview. They will be compressed in a much more compact binary format which is going to save a lot of storage space of bandwidth. You can also use the command line to compress files in batch (see the help menu for more details about command line arguments).

Q34: Which versions of DCS World are supported?

Tacview officially supports the Eagle Dynamic store, Steam edition, as well as the Open Beta of DCS World. Older versions like Black Shark or the vanilla Flaming Cliffs are no longer supported.

Q35: Is there any way to use Tacview with Black Shark or Flaming Cliffs?

You can download and install Tacview 1.2.8 which is the last version to support legacy versions of DCS World. Tacview 1.2.8 script will export any available flight data. It is strongly suggested to also install the latest version of Tacview in addition of Tacview 1.2.8. That way, you can analyze exported data with the latest tools available.

Q36: Do I have to run Tacview as administrator?

No, never! Tacview only modifies a few files saved in the %USERPROFILE%\Saved Games\DCS\ folder. At no moment you need to run it in administrator mode or in some kind of compatibility mode to make this work.