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About this archive

If you found a regression, you can test previous releases, working from newest to oldest, to find the most recent version which is working for you. This will both enable you to continue to enjoy Tacview while we are fixing the bug, and help us to understand when your favorite feature has been broken.

If you are a Tacview Enterprise user with a perpetual license, you can use Tacview indefinitely. However, you must make sure that you are installing a version which has been published prior to the expiration of your support. For example, if your support has expired on 2020-02-16, then you can run Tacview up to version 1.8.2.

All Tacview Releases

Here is the archive of all the versions of Tacview previously published. Just keep in mind that older releases are considered outdated and are not supported anymore.

Release Date Version Size Link
2023-06-081.9.2750.4 MBDownload
2023-04-061.9.1724.1 MBDownload
2023-02-161.9.0724.0 MBDownload
2022-05-121.8.8599.8 MBDownload
2021-11-151.8.7588.5 MBDownload
2021-04-091.8.6524.2 MBDownload
2020-12-101.8.5522.2 MBDownload
2020-08-201.8.4408.8 MBDownload
2020-05-011.8.3390.6 MBDownload
2020-01-301.8.2385.7 MBDownload
2019-11-211.8.1379.7 MBDownload
2019-09-161.8.0293.0 MBDownload
2019-03-211.7.6269.0 MBDownload
2018-12-191.7.5268.0 MBDownload
2018-10-261.7.4262.6 MBDownload
2018-09-271.7.3239.8 MBDownload
2018-09-051.7.2238.4 MBDownload
2018-04-041.7.1221.9 MBDownload
2018-01-251.7.0219.7 MBDownload
2017-10-131.6.4214.5 MBDownload
2017-08-021.6.3203.5 MBDownload
2017-07-201.6.2176.7 MBDownload
2017-05-261.6.1173.0 MBDownload
2017-04-051.6.0173.0 MBDownload
2017-01-311.5.4172.3 MBDownload
2017-01-231.5.3172.3 MBDownload
2016-11-151.5.2163.7 MBDownload
2016-09-121.5.1163.5 MBDownload
2016-08-081.5.0162.7 MBDownload
2016-03-141.4.3165.9 MBDownload
2016-01-171.4.2165.8 MBDownload
2015-12-141.4.1167.0 MBDownload
2015-10-281.4.0166.9 MBDownload
2015-07-161.3.4166.0 MBDownload
2015-03-241.3.3142.3 MBDownload
2015-02-021.3.2141.6 MBDownload
2015-01-121.3.1141.6 MBDownload
2014-12-281.3.0141.2 MBDownload
2014-10-101.2.8116.5 MBDownload
2014-09-181.2.7115.7 MBDownload
2014-07-171.2.6114.1 MBDownload
2014-06-011.2.5114.0 MBDownload
2013-03-191.2.4114.0 MBDownload