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You can download and use Tacview for an unlimited period of time, free of charge, without ever being bothered by ads or popups! However, after the trial period of 21 days, the more advanced features will be disabled. If you wish to continue to use these features, you will need to purchase Tacview Standard or above.

If you are a company, a governmental organization, or a military institution, you will need a special license of Tacview. If this is the case please contact us so we can discuss further your needs, which may include dedicated support and training, as well as development of customized features.

To help you choose the best edition for you, have a look at the features comparison. If you have any questions about Tacview's editions and how to buy them, please read the FAQ below.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I lost my product key after reinstalling my computer. How can I recover it?

Send us an email with as much details as possible about your order, including your full name, the email address used for the order and the approximate date of purchase. We will send you back – as soon as possible – your product key. Please remember to print it, so that the next time you lose your data you won't have any interruption to your enjoyment of the full version of Tacview!

Q: Can I upgrade Tacview Standard to Tacview Advanced? At which cost?

Of course you can! Just send me an email with a reference to your current licence and I will send you back a link to buy the upgrade at a discount. The cost is approximately equal to the difference in price between the two versions.

Q: What are the differences between Tacview Standard and Tacview Advanced?

Please have a look at the features comparison to find the edition which suits your needs the best.

Q: My squadron is planning to buy several licenses at once. Are we going to get one product key per user?

Yes, you will receive one key per user after your order has been completed.

Q: I own one license of Tacview. Can I use it both on my home desktop computer and on my laptop at the campus?

Yes you can! As long as you don't share your product key with your friends, you can use your license on all of your computers regardless of their location.

Q: Which versions of Tacview will work with my product key?

Your product key will be work for all Tacview 1.x and 2.x updates, including beta versions.

Q: I bought a product key, where can I download the complete version of the installer?

There is only one version of Tacview installer. All the features will be unlocked as soon as you enter your product key.