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Features comparison

Tacview editions names are changing for new intuitive ones!

These new names are more intuitive and will prevent any confusion between personal and commercial licenses. Nothing else changes: Your product keys will continue to work as usual and Tacview will continue to evolve for the better. There are plenty of great features right around the corner!

All the analysis tools you always dreamed about!

During the evaluation period of 21 days, you can test and enjoy as much as you want all the features available in all editions of Tacview. After this trial period as expired, these advanced features will be disabled. If you wish to continue to use them, you will have to buy a license.

The feature of your dreams is missing? Maybe it is already planned. Feel free to contact us so we can talk more about the best way to implement it in coming releases.

In addition of advanced analysis tools, Tacview Standard and Tacview Advanced owners will also be granted unlimited access to beta versions. That way, they can enjoy new features usually about a month before everyone else! We are also doing our best to offer to all registered users priority for a quick and personalized support.

Features Tacview
(individuals, small non-profits/NGOs only)
3D View
True Spherical Earth X X X X
Advanced Time Control X X X X
Worldwide Base Map - X X X
Strategic View - - X X
Data Recording
DCS/Falcon/IL‑2/FSX/X-Plane/EECH X X X X
GPX, KML & CSV Files Support - X X X
Real-Time Telemetry * - - X X
Instructor Remote Control - - X X
Data Analysis
XML & CSV Flight Logs X X X X
Advanced Telemetry - X X X
Synchronized Audio/Video Playback - X X X
Online Debriefing Client - X X X
Online Debriefing Host - - X X
One-Click Charts - - X X
Telemetry Export - - X X
Access to Beta Versions - X X X
Premium Support - X X X
Priority Technical Support - - - X
C++ / C# SDK - - - X
Custom Integration - - - X

* Please note that the real-time telemetry is currently available for DCS World, X-Plane, FSX and P3D. The support for Falcon 4 is being studied and may be available in a future update.