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What is a beta version?

Beta version

Are you eager to know what is waiting for you in the next version? Feel free to try the latest beta version of Tacview! Even if beta versions are not as stable as public releases, they may offer you the new features and improvements you were waiting for.

We want to get as much feedback as possible from you. So we decided to grant all our registered users access to our beta versions so they can try them out, report bugs, and make suggestions earlier than ever. Or to simply let them enjoy the new incoming features one month earlier than the general public!


To run a beta version, you need a product key. Feel free to have a look at the features comparison to know which edition is the best for you if you are interested in buying Tacview.

Please note that even if we are doing our best to produce a high quality product, beta versions usually contains known and unknown bugs, may crash, or have some features disabled because of work in progress. This is why, it is suggested to download and install beta versions alongside the latest official release (not over it). That way, in case of problem, you can simple launch the latest stable version to continue your work...

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  • Release Date: Fri, 22 Oct 2021
  • Operating System: Windows® 32-bit / 64-bit
  • File Size: 588.1 MB

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Release notes


  • ADDED Anticipatory trails
  • ADDED support for real-time ADS-B radio telemetry
  • ADDED support for more KML files
  • ADDED support for DCS: Marianas map
  • ADDED support for FlySight GPS files
  • ADDED option to choose between IAS, CAS, TAS in cockpit view (when possible)
  • ADDED option to display or not objects names and labels in the 3D view
  • ADDED support for DCS: Mi-24P Hind
  • ADDED textures for DCS: Persian Gulf Map
  • ADDED new DCS World Syria Map and Channel Map runways
  • ADDED Kuwait theater of operations for BMS 4.35.1
  • ADDED MidEast theater of operations for BMS 4.35.2
  • ADDED Taiwan theater of operations 4.35.3 for BMS 4.35.1
  • ADDED Nevada theater of operations 4.35.1 for BMS 4.35.2
  • ADDED Aegean theater of operations v3.0 for BMS 4.35.2
  • ADDED support for new classes of objects in BMS theaters
  • ADDED 4 additional audio/video media windows
  • ADDED command line option /MaxFrameRate:xx to reduce CPU usage and power consumption
  • ADDED more choices of auto-scale and labels size
  • IMPROVED Now uses by default discrete GPU for 3D rendering instead of APU
  • IMPROVED video playback is now done via Windows Enhanced Video Renderer
  • IMPROVED event log weapon min/max range is now displayed 5 seconds after time-out
  • IMPROVED only global waypoints are now listed in objects lists
  • IMPROVED Time-Shift tool ergonomics
  • IMPROVED Track Injector ergonomics
  • IMPROVED Korea & Balkans database and terrain for BMS 4.35.2
  • IMPROVED max frame rate is now limited to 120 instead of 200
  • IMPROVED cost lines and underwater terrain for custom elevation maps
  • IMPROVED buildings can now fire shells/bullets (but this will not be displayed in the log)
  • IMRPOVED EAG files support
  • IMPROVED textures filtering thanks to anisotropic filtering x4
  • IMPROVED it is now possible to merge static/dynamic data with real-time recorded telemetry
  • IMPROVED Facebook and Twitter icons are now gone when using an enterprise license
  • IMPROVED shot log colors are now inverted to better show what is coming next


  • FIXED crash when running out of memory during custom texture loading
  • FIXED rare crash when streaming real-time telemetry
  • FIXED rare memory leak for some errors in Lua addons
  • FIXED save option was disabled during real-time telemetry
  • FIXED invalid objects selection after removing an object from the world
  • FIXED grey scale and color adaptive modes not working anymore for terrain textures
  • FIXED events not always updated after reloading a log (Event Log addon)
  • FIXED Telemetry.Clear() was disconnecting the real-time telemetry
  • FIXED course vector was showing future instead of present
  • FIXED AOA & AOS calculation during heavy g-force turns
  • FIXED not possible to go under water with the free camera in most maps
  • FIXED corruption on exit which could cause random UI layout on next startup
  • FIXED objects list not updated after editing object name/type/color