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Troubleshooting Checklist


Here are the most frequently asked questions. This is a good place to look for an answer. If the answer is not here, feel free to check the FAQ dedicated to your favorite flight simulation for more specific questions.

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Q11: Can I buy Tacview Standard today and upgrade it to Tacview Advanced later?
Q11: Can I upgrade my Tacview Standard to Tacview Advanced?

Of course you can! Please read the dedicated FAQ to discover how.

Technical issues

Q21: On my laptop, Tacview randomly crashes after a few seconds or minutes of use.

It is possible that your laptop is running Tacview on your Intel GPU using old drivers. In that case, it is strongly recommended to install the latest official drivers from Intel.

If your laptop is equipped with an AMD or nVidia GPU, you can also use the dedicated tool to force Tacview to run on your discrete GPU. Not only this will avoid the instability of Intel drivers, but this should also give you a smoother 3D rendering experience.

Q22: When I launch Tacview, it freezes and become unresponsive.

As a quick first test, you can delete the following registry key, then restart Tacview:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Raia Software Inc.

There are several programs which are known to inject invalid instructions during Tacview 3D rendering phase. This can cause crashes or freeze. If you uninstall/disable the following programs and services, this should fix the issue:

  • Nahimic OSD service may be stuck in an infinite loop during OpenGL rendering, freezing Tacview at startup on secondary monitor in some cases.
  • Dxtory program is corrupting the RSI register, crashing Tacview at startup.

General questions

Q31: ACMI files are taking up a lot of space! Can I compress them?

You can easily compress .txt.acmi files using the command line. Feel free to modify the batch file CompressACMIFiles.cmd to compress many files in a row and save a lot of disk space (ACMI binary files are about six times smaller than text files). Don't forget to erase the old .txt.acmi files after the conversion!

Tacview.exe -Open:"Tacview-20150512-191044-DCS.txt.acmi" -Save -Quiet –Quit

If you are working with Falcon 4.0 VHS files, do not forget to specify the proper theater BEFORE opening the corresponding VHS file:

Tacview.exe -Falcon4Theater:"Korea" -Open:"TAPE0004.vhs" -Save -Quiet –Quit
Q32: My DCS World flights are not recorded (or recorded anymore), how can I fix this?

There are many reasons why DCS World flights could not be recorded. Please read the dedicated FAQ to find why.

Q33: When I open a Falcon 4.0 VHS file, Tacview does not display the proper terrain. What is happening?

You probably missed the theater choice in the open-file dialog box. Please read the detailed FAQ about Falcon 4.0 to find how to select the proper terrain and even how to import your own one!

Official threads on the forums

The official threads contain a lot of answers to the most common questions. The community is helpful and will be pleased to guide you during your first steps with Tacview.